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Mittens handmade

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These mittens can't be missed on a chilly or cold winterwalk or ride with the bike. This duo is windproof thanks to a very fine, soft fleece inside. 




This cosy duo can't be missed on a cold, chilly, maybe wet or freezing morning when you walk or ride the bike to work or on a relaxing winterwalk. Inside there's a very fine soft fleece to make these mittens windproof and pleasingly warm. Inseparable as they are, you can also combine them with our matching cardigan, scarve,classic beany or  headband. We wish you a pleasantly warm winter!

These twins are handmade with love in the Andes of Peru. Buy these and help vulnerable women support themselves and their family. Thank you!

ECO BABY BRUSHED (except for the fleece inside): 100% BABY ALPACA, undyed yarn, lightly brushed

Designed in BELGIUM handmade with love in PERU

One size fits most

Care and maintenance

Take care of your 'alpaca' and it will take care of you!

Don't wash it to often, just air it, they like to be outside.
No machine washing, it wouldn't do your cosy friend any good.

Give your 'alpaca' a gentle massage, no rubbing, in cold water, add a drop of wool shampoo. Also rinse in cold water, and yes you may add some softener to encourage that silky touch. Squeeze gently, no wringing.  Let your friend enjoy a relaxing moment in a dry towel. Lay flat to dry , but no sunbathing. Reshape, so it keeps its original size. End the spa-treatment with a light touch of steam iron, if needed.

Never hang your dear friend. 
They like to be folded and rest in a nice wardrobe.