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Woven plaid/wrap

Regular price €149,00

Imagine... a home movie-night at the fireplace with this light, yet pleasantly warm and soft woven alpaca blanket. 

100% ALPACA 



Imagine...  a blue sky, sunset, you're sitting outside for that fun winter barbecue, wrapped in one of Raphaëlles cosy blankets. Imagine... a movie-night at the fireplace with this light, yet pleasantly warm and soft alpaca blanket. You can chose between plain, fishbone or checked patern. Enjoy family winter evenings!

100% ALPACA 

Note the fibre quality of each  item is mentioned in the pictures.

Made in PERU

Size : length (fringes included):: 180cm                                                                               width : 130 cm

Care and maintenance

Take care of your 'alpaca' and it will take care of you!
Don't wash it to often, just air it, they like to be outside. 
No machine washing, it wouldn't do your cosy friend any good.  

Give your 'alpaca' a gentle massage, no rubbing, in cold water, add a drop of wool shampoo. Also rinse in cold water, and yes you may add some softener to encourage that silky touch. Squeeze gently, no wringing.  Let your friend enjoy a relaxing moment in a dry towel. Lay flat to dry , but no sunbathing. Reshape, so it keeps its original size. End the spa-treatment with a light touch of steam iron, if needed.

Never hang your dear friend.
They like to be folded and rest in a nice wardrobe.